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Engaging their team and clients with rewilding projects

inlumi is a unique full-service provider of Enterprise Performance Management & Analytics services – from advisory and implementation to operations. inlumi have been working with Mossy Earth to help restore wilderness since 2017.

It's never just been about the money

As a business, inlumi’s focus has always been on their people: The environment they create for growth and development, and the professional and personal experience of working at the company have always been extremely important.

inlumi have a solid track record of finding innovative ways to keep their employees inspired and engaged. They've invested in education programmes, coaching, and clear career pathways. They also understand the importance of fun. Working at inlumi has never just been about the money.

inlumi are always looking for unique and innovative ways to keep their employees inspired and engaged

We wanted to find something we could all engage with outside of delivering projects and working with our customers.

Ash Chapman - Global Head of Consulting at inlumi

The Mossy Earth team on location in Portugal's Douro Valley
The Mossy Earth team on location at a reforestation project with inlumi

Where did it all start?

inlumi’s Global Head of Consulting, Ash, met Mossy Earth Co-founder Matt on a surfing trip in Portugal where they discussed the pros of rewilding as a means of mitigating climate change over a beer while watching the sunset. Ash loved the idea of connecting their work and the team to nature restoration and thus actively involving them in the fight against climate change.

Mossy Earth Co-founder enjoying sunset beers with friends
Ash far right, Matt second right

Take action now

Do you want to have a direct impact on climate change? Sir David Attenborough said the best thing we can do is to rewild the planet. So we run reforestation and rewilding programs across the globe to restore wild ecosystems and capture carbon.

Get involved

First step, engaging their clients

As a first step, inlumi started funding Mossy Earth’s reforestation efforts. Mossy Earth became a component of inlumi’s projects, giving their clients a fun and unique dimension by having the tree planting process running in parallel. Both customers and employees gave great feedback and enjoyed this unusual combination of business and nature.

A Mossy Earth tree planter in the Scottish Highlands
Native tree planting in the Scottish Highlands. - Initially, inlumi offered tree planting and its engaging content as part of each project they pitched.

We really liked it and the message it would send our existing team and those we hire in the future.

Ash Chapman

Involving their employees too

Seeing this impact, inlumi decided to build on their partnership with Mossy Earth. They wanted to add an employee perk that would drive internal engagement and express some of the business’ core values.

As such, Mossy Earth’s Climate Action Membership was the perfect fit. Every month, teams who are signed up for this corporate membership restore wild ecosystems by funding the planting of native trees and monthly rewilding projects. Every team member is set up with a personal dashboard where they can view their monthly impact.

A white tailed sea eagle soars over a river
Protecting sea eagles is just one of the rewilding projects that inlumi's Climate action membership has funded.

Engaging content

Together with inlumi, Mossy Earth crafted communications for the team to introduce the Climate Action Membership and after that all they needed to do was sign up via a link to Mossy Earth’s dashboard and they were on their way to restoring nature and fighting climate change together. Each employee at inlumi now has their own dashboard where they can follow the reforestation and rewilding efforts their employer is funding. To date, inlumi's membership has already helped fund a multitude of impactful rewilding projects; building eagle nest platforms, tagging Atlantic salmon, saving Slovakia’s ground squirrel and restoring Alaotra Gentle Lemur habitat

Mossy Earth has become an integral part of who inlumi is and how they describe themselves. The partnership is mentioned in client pitches and interviews with potential new team members, always generating a lot of excitement.

Ground Squirrels in Slovakia
inlumi has helped protect one of the remaining populations of European ground squirrel in Slovakia by increasing feeding opportunities and reducing natural predation pressure.

The projects are imagination capturing. For something that happens a long way away from our desks and daily lives it becomes very tangible. We love that.

Ash Chapman

Inlumi's latest project: A Vulture restaurant

For their next rewilding project, the inlumi team voted for the construction of a vulture restaurant!

Three species of vulture that were once found in the area are now locally extinct and endangered globally - the cape vulture, lappet faced vulture and white backed vulture. Among the threats are poisoning through contaminated livestock and a lack of wild prey. To provide a safe and reliable source of food and encourage the return of these magnificent and ecologically important species, inlumi and Mossy Earth are building a vulture restaurant where the vultures can find a safe and reliable source of food. This project is urgently needed to safeguard the future of these endangered species.

Vultures eating a feeding station in Portugal
Griffon vultures eating at a safe feeding station in the north of Portugal. inlumi will help us replicate such an area in Namibia to help protect the cape vulture, lappet faced vulture and white backed vulture.

Where next for inlumi?

inlumi is looking for more ways to connect the partnership with Mossy Earth with the work they do. In the future, they’re planning to use client projects and set internal challenges as vehicles to sponsor rewilding initiatives, further growing a genuinely sustainable business with impact at its core.

Wild horses grazing in a meadow
Building ponds, an oasis for wild horses in Portugal's Coa Valley is one of the many potential projects inlumi is considering to support.

The team get a lot from our partnership with Mossy Earth, the world benefits a little and it gives us some great topics to post on our social channels. We love our business partnership with Mossy Earth.

Ash Chapman

Tree planting preparations in Slovakia

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