Membership for Businesses

Plant 4 native trees per team member every month
Create and launch custom rewilding projects
Calculate & reduce your CO2 footprint

What's included

Plant 4 native trees per team member every month

Every month we plant 4 trees for each team member in one of our 6 projects. The trees are predicted to capture enough carbon dioxide to offset an average person’s carbon footprint as they grow. Every team member:

  • Gets 4 trees planted a month
  • Offsets their personal carbon footprint (12 tonnes of CO2 per year)
  • Receive video footage, aerial imagery and detailed maps from our planting areas every month

Restore wild ecosystems

Our rewilding projects are designed to bring wilderness back to degraded ecosystems and enhance biodiversity. Team members get to engage with nature restoration at a more personal level by voting on which projects we implement and getting first-hand updates from the field. Every team member:

  • Gets to vote on project decisions
  • Restores different types of ecosystem through high impact rewilding projects
  • Receives detailed on the ground project updates

Become a low-impact team

As a team member you get to calculate your own carbon footprint and get useful tips on how to reduce your environmental impact over time.

  • Easily track, manage and reduce your environmental footprint
  • Receive detailed guides and access useful tools to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Chat with the team for more personal tips