We are Mossy Earth

A Team Restoring Nature & Fighting Climate Change

Our Purpose

Our team shares a passion for the outdoors and the preservation of our natural world. As such we work with one mission in mind, to restore wild ecosystems, support wildlife and biodiversity and help fight climate change.

Approach to impact

Our on the ground impact is funded through the Mossy Earth membership and we strive to make it a fun and interactive experience for all our members. In order to be as transparent as possible we have published our methodologies below.

The team

Hannah Kirkland
Conservation Biologist
Experienced in ecological research and habitat restoration. Loves gardening, hiking, wild camping, wild swimming and her family of labradors.
Tiago de Zoeten
Conservation Biologist
Comes with a love for digging into data and with research experience in ecology and evolution. Passionate about rock climbing & exploring wild places.
Ria Rocha
Digital Brand Manager
Has a love for visual arts and a passion for human connection. You can find her in the ocean where her love for the natural world began.
Diogo Lucas
Operations Manager
Joins with a background in logistics and management, who grew up on the coast, and so like much of the team at Mossy Earth spends his free time chasing waves or diving.
Matthew Davies
...or better still, general dogsbody, who spends his ever dwindling free time running ultra marathons, bodyboarding or walking his two dogs, both named Luz.
Duarte de Zoeten
Having previously worked for a startup and spending most of his free time outdoors, Duarte is passionate about entrepreneurship and wilderness, making Mossy Earth his dream job.

Contact us


We are always available to answer any questions or book a call to have an in-depth chat.

Live Chat

If you have any questions for the team or about our projects feel free to reach out through the live-chat.