Turtle Update - July 2020

A field report on the European pond turtle nest protection

Since the vote was announced to protect Slovakia's European pond turtle in June 2020, the team has wasted no time in getting started. In this video, you will see first hand what the team has been up to this summer.

Surveying for active nests

The team at Broz has already begun surveying the nesting site for active nests with the help of a specially-trained detection dog. European pond turtles lay their eggs in the spring and incubate them over the summer months in shallow nests under ground. They are highly vulnerable to predation during this time so all active nests the team find will be protected with wire fencing.

An underground nest with three turtle eggs visible
The shallow undergound nests are vulnerable to predators like foxes

Protecting the nests

The team has already protected 11 active nests. The fences will be monitored over the summer to make sure they are working as they should be and will be removed just in time for the eggs to hatch and the hatchlings to emerge.

Wire fencing placed above an active nest in a grassy field
An active nest practically invisible to the human eye with the protective fencing