Vulture Update - August 2019

A field report on the GPS tagging griffon vultures in Portugal's Coa Valley.

Table of contents

During the summer of 2019 the first 5 griffon vultures were tagged with GPS devices. Matt, our co-founder, went to the field to assist with the capturing and tagging of one of these magnificent animals. In this video you can a get a better feel for what the intervention entails and a first hand update from Matt.

Naming the vultures

We also invited our members to vote on a name for each of the vultures from the following list:聽Brava, C么a, Algodres, 脕gueda, Malcata, Marofa, Almofala, Toir茫o, Rodrigo & Jardo. Each of the suggested names is a place of interest within the C么a Valley.

We had overwhelming feedback as well as some witty alternatives, but it was these names that took the vote: