Yasaman and Stefan's Wedding Woodland - Healing Illegal Clear Cuts

Yasaman and Stefan's Wedding Woodland - Healing Illegal Clear Cuts

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Help Yasaman and Stefan reforest and restore lost ecosystems on an illegally clear cut mountainside in the Southern Carpathians.

The Carpathian Mountains are the wildest mountain range in Europe and home to the last unfragmented forests on our continent and the highest concentration of large carnivores. Sadly, following the forest restitution in 2005, massive clear-cuts have destroyed thousands of hectares in these mountains.

Gifting a tree will not only play a crucial role in reforesting and rewilding these clear felled areas, but the new woodland will serve as buffer / protection zone for the remaining old growth forest, which is an important ecological function. What's more, in time each tree will help carbon offset your wedding travel by sequestrating 1 ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.*

*1 tree = 5 flight hours  

3 trees = 15 flight hours 

5 trees = 25 flight hours 

We seek to bring this admirable project to life for you to enjoy while providing the ultimate level of transparency. As such, for every tree planted in the Healing Clear Cuts project, you will receive:

🌲 A unique photo for every tree you plant

🗺️ The GPS coordinates each tree and project map

🌐 A 360° photo of the plantation area