Wedding Tree Gift

Wedding Tree Gift

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Plant one or more trees for the lucky couple, to celebrate their love and the start of something magical.

Every tree you gift through Mossy Earth is native to the area and will help restore the local ecosystems destroyed by wildfire.

We will help you bring your gift to life by providing you with a weddig gift kit to show the couple in person or forward to their email. Here is what's included:

🌲 A unique photo for every tree planted

🗺️ The GPS coordinates each tree

📃 A custom PDF certificate with the tree photos and the couple's names

🌐 A 360° photo of the planting area

📺 A 1-minute video trailer of the project you can show on your phone

 All tree gifts will be planted at our Wildfire Restoration Project.

How it Works

1. Complete Your Order

Pick the number of  trees, add the names of the couple receiving the gift as well as their wedding date and then complete your order.
2. Custom Gift Kit within 48h

Photo & GPS of each tree
Planting certificate PDF
Trailer of the project
360° photo of the area.
3. Show or Send

You can chose to show the gift kit to the couple on your phone, print the PDF certificate or even forward the email to them.
4. Receive Updates

After receiving your gift the couple can use a code to register their email on our website to stay up to date on the project and their trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the gift kit arrive?
We will send you the custom gift kit within 48h. Please complete the order at least 48h before the gift is due.

What is the best way to present my gift?
The gift kit is a custom email which will include a variety of resources. If you want to show them their gift in person you can use your phone and display:
  • The photos and locations of the trees
  • A video trailer of the project area
  • A 360-degree photo of the planting area
If you would prefer instead to send the gift you can forward the email to the couple. Alternatively you could also print the PDF certificate or the tree photos and mail them but we believe showing it on your phone or sending is cooler (and uses less paper!).

Do you really plant the trees within 48 hours?
As much as we would like to run out to our project and plant the trees right away it is not a very efficient planting method. The your gift will come from a recently planted batch of young trees which still need someone to sponsor them. This is the only way we can give you the photo so fast and in the end the outcome is the same.

Why can't Mossy Earth email the couple instead?
To ensure we comply with GDPR and respect customer privacy we prefer that you send or show the gift to the couple. They can then register their own emails using the gift code provided to receive the custom updates for their trees.

How can the couple register for the project updates?
Go to this page to register using the code provided in the gift kit email.

Where will the trees be planted?
 Our gift trees are planted at our Wildfire Restoration Project.