Rebuilding the Great Western Iberian Wild

Rebuilding the Great Western Iberian Wild

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Become the owner of wildland and help rebuild this wonderful ecosystem to create the Great Western Iberian Wild.

This is one of the most ambitious rewilding projects in Europe. It aims to reverse the damage humans have made by restoring ecologically impoverished land.

This beautiful place is home to a variety of amazing creatures such as the Egyptian, Griffon and Black Vultures or the majestic Bonelli and Golden Eagles as well as a many smaller mammals such as foxes and rabbits. New to the landscape are the reintroduced wild horses and cows that help manage shrub overgrowth which means fresh shoots for rodents and more prey for the birds! Everything is connected!

With your contribution, we will be restoring the native flora and re-introducing more fauna to the area.

What do you get for your purchase?

  • The unique photo and GPS coordinate of each 100 square meter unit you sponsor (this will be provided within 1 month of purchase after we assign you to an area)
  • Beautiful high definition photos of the area in the various seasons
  • Project updates such as the re-introduction of horses, the spotting of a wolf and the nesting of the birds
  • A quarterly email update outlining the general progress of the project

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.