Offset Your Road Trip - POW

Offset Your Road Trip - POW

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We all love road trips, the freedom, the companionship and the unending adventures.

Unfortunately, for the coming years unless you have a nice tesla this still means a reliance on fossil fuels, generating carbon emissions with each trip. With us you can eco travel by planting native trees in rewilding areas to offset your co2 emissions. 

To ensure the ultimate level of transparency, for every tree you plant, you’ll receive:

Map Icon   A photo & GPS coordinate of each tree

360 icon  A quarterly 360° video & photo of your project area

Carbon Sequestration Reports  Regular rewilding updates & annual eco travel co2 report

All trees will be planted in Spring at our Healing Clear Cuts Project in the Southern Carpathians.

    Our Promise

    1. We are committed to replanting any trees lost in the first 3 years.

    2. For the first 5 years, we will also record biomass measurements to calculate the average CO2 stored in each tree. If it's lower than the target sequestration rate, we promise to plant the required number of trees to meet the shortfall.

    3. We always plant an extra 30% across all of our projects to ensure we meet our impact as a group.

    The Mossy Earth Promise

    1. We commit to replacing any trees lost within the first 3 years.

    2. Every year, for the first 5 years, we will take a biomass measurement of the average CO2 stored per tree. If it's below the target sequestration rate we will plant additional trees.

    3. We plant an additional 30% across all our projects as an internal insurance policy.

    How it works

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