Offset your flight

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We all love to travel but in most cases, flying is a necessary evil to do so.

To give you an idea if you fly 5 times per year you will add almost a third to your carbon footprint.

All of us are actively working on learning how to travel slower and take fewer flights, however, in the meantime, we are offsetting our emissions by planting trees and rewilding land. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we started Mossy Earth. We now offer the same opportunity to you.

Our prices are based on our CO2 and Tree Planting Estimates which go above and beyond the existing estimates to ensure that you get exactly what you buy.

It’s easy -  simply input the duration of your flight and you're good to go!

Besides the carbon offset with your purchase you will get:

  • The GPS coordinates of your trees when they are planted
  • Beautiful high-definition photos of your trees and surrounding forest in different seasons and weather
  • A quarterly email update on the project where your trees are planted
  • A quarterly newsletter keeping you up to speed on our on-going fight against climate change and our rewilding efforts

Tree planting

To avoid the hot, harsh Portuguese summers, we will be tree planting in October 2017. 50% of the trees will go to the Faia Brava reserve, located in the Coa Valley in the northeast of Portugal. This is the most ambitious rewilding project in the country, perhaps even Europe. The 1000+ hectares of privately protected land is home to wild horses, wild taurus, beech martens, polecats, wild cats, foxes and birds such as the Iberian imperial eagle, black vulture, kites, golden eagle, eagle owl and the Bonelli’s eagle. The remaining 50% of trees will go to land managed by our partners Montis. Their work focuses specifically on native fire-resistant forests to help avoid the type of disaster that killed 64 people in Portugal this summer.