Offset Your Flight with BAFTA

Offset Your Flight with BAFTA

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BAFTA has pledged to make all their forthcoming events carbon neutral. As such they are inviting you to join them in their quest of reducing CO2 emissions by offsetting your travel to your next event.

For each tree planted, one quarter of a tonne of CO2 will be sequestrated from the atmosphere. What's more, your trees will play a crucial role in rewilding: restoring key ecosystems and reforesting areas that had been previously illegally clear cut. 

We wish to be as transparent as possible, and so for each tree planted we will send you: 



Map Icon   A photo & GPS coordinate of each tree


Carbon Sequestration Reports  Regular on the ground project updates






All trees are planted at our Healing Clear Cuts Project in the Southern Carpathians.

    The Mossy Earth Promise

    1. We commit to replacing any trees lost within the first 10 years after planting.

    2. We promise to plant only native species that improve the biodiversity at each one of our projects

    3. We will provide you with photos, GPS coordinates and a polygon for each tree planted to ensure maximal transparency.