Native Tree DNA - The Germination Project

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If you are interested in the nitty gritty of building a forest this is the right choice for you. 

The main goal of this project is to collect and germinate seeds from native trees found in or nearby our current rewilding projects. This means that the genetic code of newly planted trees matches the specific conditions of the land. Ensuring that the ecosystems we build grow faster and more resilient because they are fully adapted to the conditions.

For this pilot project, we have a germination bay and large greenhouse in the foothills of the stunning Sintra region. Our aim is to establish and consolidate our seed sourcing and germination techniques to be used in our larger scale rewilding projects in the future.

The Outcomes from this project will include an open source guide on sourcing and germinating local seeds as well as larger wilder forests. The different levels of contribution are outlined in the second image.

Our key partners in this project are Bodyboard-Depot and Bespoke Living Carpentry for each order they receive, they contribute one sapling to our germination project. 

What do you get for your purchase?

  • An open source guide on collecting and germinating local native seeds
  • Beautiful high-definition photos of your seedlings, the germination process and the rewilding project where they'll eventually be planted
  • A quarterly email update on the DNA Germination project 
  • A quarterly newsletter keeping you up to speed on our on-going fight against climate change and our rewilding efforts