Life Time Carbon Offset

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Offset your lifetime’s carbon footprint with 400 trees for £3999

The average European emits 8 tonnes (8000kg) of carbon into the atmosphere every year. If one tree can absorb as much as 22kg of carbon dioxide per year and sequester 1 ton of carbon over a 40 year period then…

8000kg/22kg = 363 trees to offset your carbon a lifetime, to make sure those targets are met it's best to plant 400 trees.

Imagine what a bold statement you’d be making by offsetting your lifetime’s carbon footprint. Offsetting in one lump sum gives you a great sense of achievement, knowing that you’ll be carbon neutral for the rest of your stay on our fragile planet.

We do not expect you to make this purchase decision in a rush. It is a big step and it is a lot of money. Please feel free to Contact Us and we can set up a call with Duarte or Matt (the co-founders) to discuss all the details.

What do you get for your purchase?

  • The GPS coordinates of your trees when they are planted
  • Beautiful high-definition photos of your trees and surrounding forest in different seasons and weather
  • A quarterly email update on the project where your trees are planted
  • A quarterly newsletter keeping you up to speed on our on-going fight against climate change and our rewilding efforts
  • Personal tour of your forest with one of the co-founders