Christmas Tree Gift

Christmas Tree Gift

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What better way to celebrating this somewhat unsustainable time of year, than planting a tree?

There is also something very symbolic and rewarding in planting a tree on behalf of a friend or family member. What’s more, here at Mossy Earth, it’s more than just planting a tree, you will be offering your friend or relative the opportunity to reduce their footprint and see their trees grow in a thriving wild ecosystem. We also provide the GPS coordinates and beautiful location photos once the tree is planted. 

To sum it up, your friend or relative will get:

  • The GPS coordinates of their tree when it is planted
  • Beautiful high-definition photos of their tree and surrounding forest in different seasons and weather
  • A quarterly email update on the project where their tree is planted
  • A quarterly newsletter keeping them up to speed on our on-going fight against climate change and our rewilding efforts

The trees will be allocated to one of our two projects:  Wildfire Restoration and Rewilding and the Native Oak Woodland Restoration.