The Eliza Forest FAQs

When will the trees be planted?

We will begin planting the trees late October, beginning November and will keep on planting them until spring when the weather becomes too dry to plant.


Where is the future Eliza Forest?

The central point is 41°03'41.1"N 6°53'59.6"W (we like precision!). To put this in more human terms the forest will be in the northeast of Portugal in the Douro International Natural Park.


What will my contribution pay for?

Your contribution will cover all the growing costs (trees need to grow in a nursery for 2 years before they are planted), the transport costs, the fair payment to all workers who plant the trees and also to dig a well and create an irrigation system. 


How will I know my photo and coordinate are unique?

Mossy Earth will make a full online catalog of all trees in the region.


How much CO2 will my tree store?

Depending a bit on the species your tree should store +/- 1 metric tonne of CO2 in 40 years. That is the equivalent of taking six one-hour flights.


Are the trees planted native?

Yes, all trees are sourced from local native seeds to ensure we use the best DNA available.


Will the forest burn again?

We won't say it is impossible. Though we would raise a few points... It will not burn in the next 4-5 years because all the surrounding areas have nothing left to burn. Eventually, some of the mismanaged lands that are close to the forest will burn but we are optimistic the Eliza forest won't. The reason for this is that the area which is managed by the conservation team where we have already introduced wild horses did not burn at all. The large herbivores eat the shrubs and naturally reduce the fuel for the fire. This also gives the firefighters an opportunity to put out the fire there.


What happens if some trees die?

Any trees which die within the first two years Mossy Earth will commit to replanting. We expect reproduction rates to be higher than death rates given the ideal conditions in the planting area.


Can I visit the area?

Yes, the area is open to the public. In fact, the beautiful Ribeira do Mosteiro walk will take you right through the property!


What is Mossy Earth?

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise whose main goal is to deliver real environmental change and make a positive impact on the state of wild forests and the welfare of its communities.

On the one hand, we tackle climate change by engaging in carbon sequestration activities through tree planting. On the other, we direct our reforestation efforts towards rewilding ecologically impoverished land to help rebuild wild ecosystems and struggling rural economies.