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Real Impact
Our restoration projects not only help fight climate change,  but  also play a pivotal role in rewilding ecologically impoverished ecosystems.
Wild Forever
All of our tree and plant species are native and will help build self-sustaining ecosystems, which will remain wild forever.
Complete Transparency
You'll receive the GPS coordinates &
photo of each tree, a 360° photo for each ecosystem you rewild.

How can we help you?

Plant wild trees, offset your carbon footprint.
Help re-build and rewild fragile ecosystems across Europe.
What is Mossy Earth?
Mossy Earth is a social enterprise whose main aim is, by planting trees, to deliver real environmental change and make a positive impact on the state of the planet's wildernesses and forests.

Core to our mission is making rewilding and reforestation accessible and transparent so individuals and businesses can fully enjoy it's benefits.
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